A Welcoming Experience

Our new Center will incorporate the existing CutlerPlotkin Jewish Heritage Center facility including the 230-seat auditorium, classroom space and gallery and 13,000 square feet of new space including a welcoming, open lobby that will join the two buildings,  a roof-top event space, AZJHS administrative offices and two additional galleries.  The new building will feature the latest techniques in museum design including interactive displays, resulting in a powerful and informative educational experience.

Visitors to the center will enter through a new lobby that is accessible, inviting and informative. Open spaces and an ascending staircase will provide natural light and create a positive and inspiring atmosphere, removing barriers of entry so that adults and students of all race, religions and cultures members of the public will feel welcome.

A Donor Wall will be a prominent feature of the Lobby.  The names of individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations who supported the project will be displayed in a location that anyone visiting the center will see.

Once inside, visitors can walk through three galleries designed to provide a multi-cultural experience that highlight themes linked to the mission and vision of the new center.

The existing gallery will focus on the Arizona Jewish Experience to preserve the rich heritage of Arizona Jewish Communities and to educate the public about Jewish contributions to Arizona and American life.

One of the newly-constructed galleries will be dedicated to traveling exhibitions that are focused on topics such as history, racism, genocide, and promoting respect and mutual understanding between people of diverse backgrounds..

The second new gallery space is dedicated to the Holocaust - to collect, preserve and communicate to future generations the story of this unprecedented tragedy; to preserve the memory of those who suffered and to educate a new generation of young people.

This gallery will also feature the We Remember Holocaust Memorial Art Project by local artist, Robert Sutz including life masks and portraits of many survivors with a connection to Arizona as well as other Holocaust-related art. Through Sutz’s art and the videos he recorded of over 250 survivors, visitors will be able to learn about the Holocaust and history by making a personal connection to their powerful stories and messages of perseverance through adversity.

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