We Remember: The Holocaust Art of Robert Sutz

It has been 73 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and other Nazi camps. As the survivors of Nazi atrocities age and eventually pass away, it is imperative we have a place where people can go and still hear their stories.


We Remember: The Holocaust Art of Robert Sutz
is a collaboration between our local nationally and internationally recognized artist Robert Sutz, the Arizona Jewish Historical Society and the Phoenix Holocaust Survivors' Association and its descendant group, Generations After. The gallery will feature life masks, portraits and Holocaust related artwork of Mr. Sutz. Displayed masks and portraits will include many survivors with a connection to Arizona, either as a resident or with descendants as residents.

Instead of a museum telling the full story of the Holocaust, it's chronology, scope and correlations to other human catastrophes, the Sutz gallery will personalize the Holocaust through the eyes of its survivors. Testimonies and recollections from those who lived through the Holocaust will provide direct windows into the bigger story.

The survivors' biographies also provide inspiration and messages of strength and hope. The collection will educate the public about the senseless and tragic murder of Jews and other victims of Nazi oppression during the Second World War. Ultimately, the Sutz gallery will provide a unique and powerful experience for learning, encouraging respect and mutual understanding among people of all backgrounds.


Assets and Amenities of the Project Site

Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix’s arts and culture district, at 122 E. Culver Street, our site provides a tremendous venue for the We Remember: The Holocaust Art of Robert Sutz project.   Some of the many cultural facilities in our immediate vicinity include: the Arizona Humanities Council, Arizona School for the Arts, the Burton Barr Phoenix Public Library, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Phoenix Center for the Arts, Margaret Hance Deck Park, the Japanese Friendship Gardens, the Irish Cultural Center, the Great Arizona Puppet Theatre, the Phoenix Trolley Museum, Arizona State University’s downtown campus, the Phoenix Convention Center, and the world-famous Heard Museum.

Moreover, the project site is located along the Valley’s new light rail system, and is conveniently connected via light rail to Arizona State University’s main Tempe campus as well.


The Project's Home: The Arizona Jewish Historical Society

The Arizona Jewish Historical Society presents a unique opportunity to create a permanent home for the Robert Sutz collection.  The society currently owns and operates the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center, a museum and cultural venue located in the heart of downtown Phoenix’s arts and culture district.   Completed in 2010, the center consists of the restored site of Phoenix’s original synagogue building (Temple Beth Israel – built in 1921) as well as additional buildings and property.   Our goal is to create a home for the Robert Sutz collection on the campus of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society.

The Arizona Jewish Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Arizona’s Jewish communities and to educating the public about Jewish history and life.   The society currently sponsors a series of highly successful programs pertaining to Jewish history and culture, including the Holocaust.  It hosts regular public exhibitions, a monthly documentary film series, monthly book discussion group, lectures, seminars, genealogy research, and a large community archive.   In addition, the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center has become a major venue for private special events.  All together, the society receives approximately 10,000 visitors each year.   These include people of all races and religions, with a special effort made to reach out beyond our local Jewish community to promote awareness of diversity and mutual understanding between people of all backgrounds.

The Arizona Jewish Historical Society seeks to expand its focus and reach out to a greater demographic by adding a significant Holocaust-related component in the work of Robert Sutz.   Because many of the subjects of Sutz’ work are Arizona residents, the project provides a unique opportunity to preserve the history of this important segment of Arizona’s Jewish community, and to make their stories available to the general public here in our state.   A key aspect of our project will be to stress the Arizona connections to this devastating world event, and to connect on a personal level with Arizonans of all races and religions.


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