Life and Legacy

ntroducing the Life and Legacy Program:

The Arizona Jewish Historical Society is pleased to partner with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix as part of the LIFE AND LEGACY Program.  This program ensures the continuity of Jewish life for generations to come by endowment building through Legacy giving.   Thanks to our many generous donors, the AZJHS has received 63 new legacy commitments worth over $1,000,000 during the past four years!

Make History!  Leave a Legacy with the Arizona Jewish Historical Society

The Arizona Jewish Historical Society is the only organization dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Arizona’s Jewish communities, educating the public about Jewish contributions to Arizona and American life and promoting awareness of our states diverse history. Through our efforts we promote a positive vision of Jewish identity. 

As Jews, we are a historical people, and much of our identity is derived from our shared historical experience.  The Arizona Jewish Historical Society celebrates this experience, and provides education through exhibits, films, books, photographs, documents, artifacts, and oral histories that get at the root of what it means to be Jewish.  

The Arizona Jewish Historical Society uses culture as a variable for encouraging Jews to engage and participate in Jewish community life.  Our home, the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center (Phoenix’s original synagogue) encompasses the whole range of Jewish heritage, including history, language, literature, music, theater, comedy, and visual arts.

Through our programs and exhibitions we also teach non-Jews about who we are, what we believe and the ways we have contributed to our larger society.  We promote more than just tolerance, but rather friendship, respect, and a common understanding of the diverse cultures which make up our state.

Our legacy donors are individuals just like you who believe that by possessing our past we build our future.  Our legacy donors also appreciate the Arizona Jewish Historical Society as a unique, creative and grassroots institution in our community.  Please join us in preserving our past for future generations.

For More Information:

The process is simple.  To download a copy of our LIFE AND LEGACY commitment form, please click here.  All you need to do is fill out the form, sign and return to us at Arizona Jewish Historical Society; 122 E. Culver Street; Phoenix, AZ  85004.

You can also contact Lawrence Bell at 602-241-7870 or for more information or to discuss a possible commitment.

For more about the LIFE AND LEGACY program and a complete list of participating local organizations, click here.

Our Legacy Donors:

Please join our growing list of donors who have ensured the future of our organization and our Jewish community life:

Life and Legacy Donors:
Anonymous (5)
Ann and Andrew Abraham
Claire* and Julius Altman
Dr. Lawrence Bell and Tracey Leonard
Jeralynn Benoit
Karen and Jay Bycer

Joyce R. Cohen
Lawrence M. Cutler
Lynda and Kenneth Diamond
Marnie and Harvey Dietrich
Cynthia Serbin-Dubrow and Edward L. Dubrow, MD
Diane and John Eckstein
Flo and Paul Eckstein
Dee and Jay Epstein

Charlesa Feinstein*
Susan and Ira Feldman
Paulette Fraenkel

Betsy and Kenneth Gometz
Susan and Nestor Guzman
Carol and Norman Janoff

Mel Kessler and Gail Fisher
Nancy and Robert Kravetz, MD
Gary L. Kritzberg
Burton Kruglick*
Marshall A. Lehman (Founding Chairman of AZJHS)
Louise Leverant
Pamela Levin

Andrea and Jerry Lewkowitz
Barbara Lewkowitz and Geoffrey Gonsher
Cathy and Herman Lewkowitz
Risa and Bruce Mallin
Cassandra Mason-Motz
Dana and Rick Naimark
Plotkin Family (Albert*, Sylvia*, Janis, and Debra*)
Ann and Mel Polunsky
Randee Pri-Tal
Shlomo Pri-Tal
Rachel and Dr. Elliot Rabinovich
Janet and Tom Rees
Michaela H. Safadi

Rosemary and David Schapira
Susan and Jeffrey Schesnol
Joseph Segal
Susan and Mark Sendrow
Robin Ross Shaw
Lee and Sandra Shedroff
Nancy and Stuart Siefer
Pauline and Paul Staman
Judy and Barry Stern
Darlene* and Robert Sutz
Elaine Waxman and Bob Segelbaum
Scott Vineberg
Nanci and Philip S.* Wechsler
Leesa and George Weisz
Bonnie J. Wright
Barbara and Barry Zemel

Previous Legacy Donors (prior to Life and Legacy program):
Mindy and Bill Brandt
Sonia and Jack* Fradin
Fran and Lawrence Frazin
Sharlene* and Irwin Harris
Nancy and Larry Moffitt
Irvin Pearlstein*
Naomi* and Gerald Weiner

* of blessed memory

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